Important Men’s Issues #2: Post Nut Syndrome (PNS)

post nut syndrome

While listening to a recent Joe Rogan Experience Podcast episode, the concept of Post Nut Syndrome (i’ll coin it – PNS) was brought up. After a little research (Google) I was able to come up with an actual medicalized term of this syndrome – Post-coital tristesse. Apparently it’s caused by a sudden depletion of Dopamine receptors, but that’s not really important… There are a few other results online calling it “Post Ejaculation Depression” as well. I really like “PNS”, it has a certain condescending ring to it. All men can relate to the feelings of despair, regret, anxiety, and apathy which sometimes instantly go through our heads post-ejaculation. One second you are under the spell of ultimate bliss & satisfaction while you are shooting your load while climaxing – your muscles tense up, your toes curl, and you are feeling like the greatest fucking champion. The next second you are face-in-pillow, frantically grabbing for the sheets to cover yourself up, and feeling like a shit load of shit. Okay. maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but you are definitely in no mood to cuddle with that annoying whore beside you.

As someone who is in a long-term relationship, I have probably not experienced the worst cases of PNS. I have definitely not experienced the worst cases of PNS… Imagine you are in bed with a beautiful lady you met on your first trip to the beautiful Thailand “the land of a million smiles”. You only had to pay the equivalent of  $10 Canadian for this wonderful encounter, no strings attached. You are elated, she seduced you with her exotic-oriental charms in that back ally bar where you met all those interesting older expat’s from Germany. You got pretty loaded on cheap Singha beer, they had some great stories. She is currently sucking on your penis. “Oh man, she has quite the mouth on her, bigger than most women!”. It really feels like she knows exactly what you want, when you want it. This is perfect. You finish – she gets up, you notice something strange poking out of her panties. “IS THAT A FUCKING TESTICLE?!” – You were just sucked off by a pre-op tranny, surely working to fund the full transition, nice tits though.

That was a pretty extreme situation, but I am sure you get the picture. I can’t even comprehend the PNS symptoms this theoretical situation would have caused this unlucky gentleman. I’m not even talking about the long-term psychological issues that may arise, the immediate PNS is what hurts the most. It’s going to take years of therapy to sort this one out. Any situation of sleeping with strange women would surely cause some severe PNS symptoms. I am lucky to have it so good. My worst case of PNS is usually post-fapp, when I realize that the porn I had just been punching my munchkin to is something I would never care to admit that I watched, or worse, pleasured myself to. How about the men who fuck flesh-lights, or other male masturbation tools? I hear a microwaved cantaloupe feels great… Anyways, I would assume they must experience some severe PNS symptoms as well. Knowing they went through all that effort & money to simulate the feeling of a butthole, and then realizing they have to fucking clean this thing and hide it straight away in their sock drawer.

No one feels sorry for us. Some super scientific studies have shown that men experience these symptoms much more often than women. We are truly innocent victims to PNS. Why should we feel THIS bad after receiving fellatio from a Thai lady-boy prostitute? it’s truly a shame. Anyone want to start a PNS support group?

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