Manly Man #3 – Max Keiser

Max Keiser

This world’s economy is a tinderbox, and let’s face it, the media is doing dick to save our balls in this time of need. Banksters, technocrats, and corporate hedge fund dickheads caused the financial meltdown with their insane behaviour. Rather than expose this immoral and even illegal behaviour, the mainstream media has been pretty much spending the past few years thoroughly going to town on the ass of corporate America. To say that the majority of mainstream media outlets are in bed with the same fraudsters who have thoroughly buttfucked the nation of America and the world would be a gross understatement. Berlusconi owned most of the damn media outlets in Italy during his three terms as PM of Italy.  Nobody is talking about what happened, giving adequate context, or even calling these corporations to account for their misdeeds, except of course, for Max Keiser on Russia Today (RT) news.

Max Keiser has been running a small segment dedicated to exposing the crimes of financial elites in America and the rest of the world. He is just about the only voice that thoroughly and explicitly expresses the explicit illegal activity that is going on, and the clear relationship between the media, the government, private industry, and the banking sector. Long dismissed as a conspiracy nut, it’s getting harder and harder for critics to refute his claims. His ideas are becoming increasingly more accepted among the younger generation who are becoming more aware of the systemic banking frauds worldwide. 

Max Keiser’s no-nonsense approach and badass attitude are exactly what this world needs. The system isn’t going to change with gentle coaxing. The rich pay fewer taxes than ever. The corporate elite gets away with heinous crimes (don’t believe me? look up high frequency trading, and for a recent one, the MF Global scandal)I frankly don’t see anything getting better for the People of Europe and North America without a French Revolution style public uprising or a general strike.

Any mild resistance is brutally and harshly squashed by the strong arm of the banksters (JP Morgan paid off the NYPD to guard their precious stronghold in Wallstreet), and in this current climate, we need a voice that is berserk with rage, with fingers pointed squarely at those who would take our economic independence away from us with a sickening smile on their faces. Max Keiser, with his super knowledgeable and the undeniably sexy (in a cougar-y kind of way) hype girl/political analyst Stacy Herbert, with their 30 minute podcast on twice a week seek out and expose injustice, and tear the veil of obscurity away, leaving an undeniable truth, that the game is rigged, and the world needs to wake up and do something about it. He is truly a manly man in his near psychotic obsession with injustice. His advocacy of old-school mob justice for those who loot the economies of North America and Europe, is totally badass and warranted. In this dumbed down world, We need hardcore role models actually doing the homework that could save us all some serious dough.

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