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Attention people

We are not dead. We are finishing exams, travelling, and being hassled by the man. We will return soon with some more great content.


The fun of transferring from to self-hosted

I am in the process of transferring the blog over to and kind of learning as I go along. It’s going really well so far and i’m trying to get ir perfect before I officically do a switch. I’m kind of a stickler when it comes to this stuff. was too functionally limited for a nerd like me to be content. Linux, Apache Servers, CSS, plug-in’s, i’m really in nerd heaven.

Stay tuned. This will only be a short slowdown. Big things are on the horizon. Stick in there and keep checking us out! We will try to keep you entertained during the transition!

Dead Men Tell No Tales, But They Do Sell Sports Cars and Viagra

Here’s a post that we really like from our manly blogging buddies over @ Cultured Savages

I’ve got a serious bone to pick with the advertising and marketing industry.  Before I get into specifics, let me start by saying that there are very few things that I despise more about our culture than the public’s infatuation with, and susceptibility to the cancerous, demeaning, and dehumanizing invisible hand of advertising. Continue reading

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We Like To Travel: Cuba Edition

Canadians have a pretty weird perspective on Cuba in my experiences. Growing up I would always hear stories from friends and family members about vacationing in Cuba. They would talk about the beautiful beaches, wacky entertainment, the all-you-can-drink swim up bars, and the underwhelming quality of the food. It was still always touted as the $500 all-inclusive week away in paradise. The paradise that was not without its quirks and downsides, but in the end always worth it because of its incredible value. Continue reading

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Scarlet Road: The Most Inspirational Escort Ever

scarlet road

Here is a trailer for a documentary about the Australian escort Rachel Wotton who specializes in servicing disabled men. I totally have the most inspired boner right now. She is truly doing God’s work. These severely physically disabled men would probably never get the opportunity to feel genuine physical love, Rachel is really making these mens lives happier. I seriously could not accept any argument anyone could have against what she is doing. Yes, of course she gets paid, I’m sure she even gets paid a premium above most escorts, but what she is doing for these men is pretty great. Cant wait to check out this documentary! Hit the break for the trailer… Continue reading

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