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Manly Man #3 – Max Keiser

Max Keiser

This world’s economy is a tinderbox, and let’s face it, the media is doing dick to save our balls in this time of need. Banksters, technocrats, and corporate hedge fund dickheads caused the financial meltdown with their insane behaviour. Rather than expose this immoral and even illegal behaviour, the mainstream media has been pretty much spending the past few years thoroughly going to town on the ass of corporate America. Continue reading

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Manly Man #2 – Tim Pool: Ustream Star

The Man

Protestor turned guerrilla journalist Tim Pool has made waves on the internet and beyond with his live Ustream coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS). Originally from Chicago, Tim was spending time in Los Angeles & Virginia building robots and skateboarding before heading for New York City. Tim saw what was happening with the OWS movement and decided to join the movement during its first week back in early September. He has been involved with other grassroots movements in the past such as the No Blood for Oil anti-Iraq-war campaign, Greenpeace, and Environment America. Continue reading

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Manly Man #1 – Dioxippus: Invincible Greek Warrior

Some anthropologists believe that the fundamental unifying quality of men is their knack for warfare. This is what gave them their almost universal status as the dominant sex across many civic and agrarian societies. This is a bittersweet reality. I for one, see it as empowering. The traditional tendency for warfare is to use violence in a way that minimizes risk and damage for ones own society. Sun Tsu and Machiavelli would describe this as knowing when to, and when not to engage in combat. Continue reading

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Manly Men: Men That Make Us Proud

I would like to start a weekly column which recognizes various men from around the world and throughout history whom we look up to, appreciate, and that make us proud. They may not always be the most obvious choices; even though we do hold Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van-Damme, and Chuck Norris deeply in our hearts, these will be men that have done something that we think is special and unique. They will usually live up to certain values which we believe are unique and essential to men, and they will have contributed something valuable to society at large.

   Stay tuned for the first manly man of the week!

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