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Manly Man #2 – Tim Pool: Ustream Star

The Man

Protestor turned guerrilla journalist Tim Pool has made waves on the internet and beyond with his live Ustream coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS). Originally from Chicago, Tim was spending time in Los Angeles & Virginia building robots and skateboarding before heading for New York City. Tim saw what was happening with the OWS movement and decided to join the movement during its first week back in early September. He has been involved with other grassroots movements in the past such as the No Blood for Oil anti-Iraq-war campaign, Greenpeace, and Environment America. Continue reading

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One Rape, Please (to go): I Paid a Male Whore to Rape Me Because I Wanted To…

one rape to go please: I paid a male whore to rape me because I wanted to

Vice Magazine is quickly becoming one of the most popular independent media outlets in North America. For well over a decade it has offered an outlet for independent artists as well as providing a voice for a broader countercultural movement. Vice’s humble origins lie when a group of friends – Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi and Gavin McInnes, started a community magazine called “Voice of Montreal” supported financially by Canadian government grants. After a fallout with the publisher, the founders bought out the magazine, changed its name to Vice, and moved its offices to New York in search of a new advertisement revenue stream. Continue reading

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